Winds of Death (EP)

by Cotard Delusion (Portugal)

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All tracks with the guest appearance of Paulo Chagas on Flute, Sax & Clarinet.

Old School Death Metal with an Avantgarde feel.

The EP is home made and self-released. The production is not professional...I hope you enjoy some raw/garage Death Metal


released February 24, 2013

Nuno Lourenço - all instruments, vocals & lyrics



all rights reserved


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Cotard Delusion (Portugal) Setúbal, Portugal

Addressing a gamut of aesthetics: Death, Symphonic, Avant-Garde, Doom, Industrial, etc.

The production is raw as everything is recorded in my home studio, which is humble and limited.
But In the uncanny event of a recording label becoming interested in Cotard Delusion, feel free to contact.
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Track Name: Whirlwind of Absence
Like a scorpion in a circle of fire
smeared horizon
Absent future
In a whirlwind of absence
In absolute black

feelings are hollow
empty are the words
A storm of ghosts
A shapeless fog
A diffuse past
Voted to oblivion
A sharp ostracism
As a sharp edge
Inflicting on himself the lethal poison
As a scorpion in a circle of fire
Track Name: The Bazaar
The Azan is the background
for the Bazaar that bustles
bold and sensual
a cornucopia of hot sounds
and sterile discussions
the Bazaar exudes promises
that break apart the wings
of a defunct Phoenix
whose blood dilapidated
now emerges
in darkened complexion
as a mercenary incense

In the streets
and meaningless
a whirlwind of souls
lonely outlaws roam
in hungry demand
for everything
out of nothing
and this void
is full
of anything at all

and I
a wanderer of atmospheres
am hungry on demand
for nothing
on all this emptiness
so full
of anything at all
Track Name: The Manna Machine is Broken
The Manna Machine is broken

The Manna Machine
is no more supplying
facing extinction
humanity is dying

Facing starvation
all flesh is sore
the death of vegetation
fresh water is no more

Bio manipulation
was widely overused
nature suffers mutation
by scientific abuse

the virus was an accident
is what they advocate
no use for guilt or judgement
as we all suffocate

No algae, no green
no food, no water
no air to breathe
no air to breathe

Not a smile, no grin
no clorofile matter
no air to breathe
no air to breathe

The Manna Machine
The Manna Machine
The Manna Machine
Track Name: Decimation
Dawn kills the darkness of night
And throughout time it births light
Giving to the battlefield's resignation
Colours of rage, wrath and desperation

Silence assists in the bloodshed hills
Completely fulfilled the death appeals
Cold bodies spray the Human devastation
Sensless killings beyond the comprehension

A vision of death
Hell's creation

Holy war is a Belial's horrid game
Everywhere death is, it's in God's name
Glory's a word they heard Kings use
But after this, it's a verbal abuse

Fields of destruction of Human condition
Graveyards fulful a Men decimation
Flesh of young lifes renouncing their future
Turning to phamtoms of a fueled heroes culture

A vision of death
Hell's creation